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In and around downtown Grass Valley, California there is a wide assortment of restaurants to satisfy just about any craving you may have. From delectable sweets, old fashioned pasties, elegant restaurants & everything in between, you’re sure to find it in here!

Grass Valley Restaurants – Bakeries

flour garden bakery grass valley californiaFlour Garden Bakery
Rather than baking with the commercial methods using manufactured mixes and artificial flavorings,… read more.
—999 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-2043 • Map It
—109 Neal Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-477-2253 (CAKE) • Map It

summer thymes bakery deli, grass valley californiaSummer Thyme’s Bakery • Deli
At Summer Thyme’s we begin every day by baking our European-style pastries, muffins, scones &… read more.
—231 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-2904 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants – Casual Dining

charlie's cafe grass valley californiaCharlie’s Café
Charlie’s Café is a cafe that is like no other. Start with a chef that has been culinary school trained… read more.
–145 So. Auburn St. Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-1839 • Map It

old town cafe grass valley californiaOld Town Café
With the first restaurant opening at this site back in the 1920’s, the slogan on the front window says it all… read more.
–110 Mill St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-2600 • Map It

sergio's cafe grass valley californiaSergio’s Café
To know Sergio and Lena Martignago is to love them – or so say their long time customers. That’s why… read more.
–109 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-3555 • Map It

south pine cafe grass valley californiaSouth Pine Café
Over the last 10 years, George & Suzie have bought several restaurants, some they’ve kept, some… read more.
–102 N. Richardson St. Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-0261 • Map It

tonanelli's gold country bistro grass valley californiaTofanelli’s Gold Country Bistro
Tofanelli’s is owned by a third-generation restaurant family that has opened 15 very successful restaurants in… read more.
–302 W. Main St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-1468 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants -
Coffee Houses, Espresso Bars

caroline's coffee roasters grass valley californiaCarolines Coffee Roasters
Carolines Coffee Roasters not only offers fabulous coffee but come in and try our diverse selection of… read more.
–128 S. Auburn St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-6424 • Map It

sierra mountain coffee roasters grass valley californiaSierra Mountain Coffee Roasters
Established in 1985 in the Sierra Mountain foothills of Nevada County, California, Sierra Mountain Coffee… read more.
–671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, CA • 530-477-5282 (JAVA) • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants – Delis

christopher's deli grass valley californiaChristopher’s Old World Deli & Catering Company
In 2006 Christopher’s Catering Company expanded to include the Old World Deli ~ the addition has only… read more.
–206 W. Main Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-8919 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants – Fine Dining

151 union square restaurant grass valley california151 Union Square
In the heart of Historic Downtown Grass Valley, 151 Union Square is more than just your typical restaurant… read more.
–151 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-205-9513 • Map It

cirino's main street cafe grass valley californiaCirino’s At Main Street
Cirino’s At Main Street is a restaurant that blends families, friends, locals and tourists alike, creating… read more.
–213 W. Main Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-477-6000 • Map It

kane's family restaurant grass valley californiaKane’s Family Restaurant
Opened by executive chef & owner John Kane in 2006, Kane’s Family Restaurant in Downtown Grass Valley… read more.

–120 E. Main St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-8111 • Map It

holbrook-hotel-restaurant-grass-valleyRestaurant at the Holbrooke
Restaurant at the Holbrooke features a cheerful, sun­lit view of Main Street with historic appointments… read more.
–212 W. Main St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-1353 • Map It

the owl grill and saloon grass valley californiaThe Owl Grill and Saloon
From mouth-watering Filet Mignon to the area’s best, fresh Pacific Ahi Tuna. We’ve got your tastebuds… read more.
–134 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-1144 • Map It

trattoria milano restaurant grass valley californiaTrattoria Milano
Owned and operated by two partners – manager Mario Fantoni and chef Gianfranco Maffezzoni, Trattoria Milano… read more.
–124 Bank Street, Grass Valley, CA 530-273-3555 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants -
International Cuisine

bear river pasta grass valley californiaBear River Pasta Company
Bear River Pasta Company specializes in gourmet on the go meals. Our family business produces fresh… read more.
–109 Bank Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-1760 • Map It

cousin jack pasties grass valley california Cousin Jack Pasties
Take out or dine at Cousin Jack Pasties! Their specialty is the Cornish pasty, known and loved throughout… read more.
100 S. Auburn St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-9230 • Map It

diego's restaurant grass valley californiaDiego’s Restaurant
Upon entering Diego’s restaurant, customers are greeted with the warmth, color, smells and sounds of… read more.
–217 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley, CA • 530-477-1460 • Map It

kaido sushi grass valley californiaKaido Sushi & Japanese Grill
Kaido Sushi & Japanese Grill has quickly become a local favorite restaurant in historic downtown… read more.
–207 W. Main St. Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-0144 • Map It

maria's mexican restaurant grass valley californiaMaria’s Mexican Restaurant
Maria’s has been serving fresh Mexican food to loyal locals and visitors alike in Downtown Grass Valley… read more.
–226 East Main St., Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-2040 • Map It

marshall's pasties grass valley california Marshall’s Pasties
Marshall’s Pasties is not your typical Deli, they only serve true Cornish pasties at their counter. You can get… read more.
–203 Mill St, Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-2844 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants – Pizzerias

frank's pizza grass valley californiaFrank’s Pizza
Frank’s has been serving up pizza for 54 years now using recipes that have been handed down for 3 generations… read more.
–122 East Main Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-4622 • Map It

kj's pizza grass valley californiaKJ’s Pizza
KJ’s Pizza is one of the few “Certified” Detroit Style Pizza Makers this side of the Rockies! We are shakin’ things up here… read more.
–121 Neal Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-272-7600 • Map It

pete's pizza grass valley californiaPete’s Pizza
At Pete’s Pizza, all of our pizzas are hand-rolled and then baked in our stone ovens — no conveyors here! We offer pizza by the slice… read more.
–210 Neal St, Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-9600 • Map It

Grass Valley Restaurants – Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt

culture shock yogurt grass valley californiaCulture Shock Yogurt
On July 24th, 2009 we opened the doors to a new, fun, exciting place to meet in downtown Grass Valley… read more.
–106 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-3442 • Map It

foothill mercantile candy grass valley californiaFoothill Mercantile
Foothill Mercantile is Americana revisited where a small town variety store captivated the imaginations… read more.
–121 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-273-8304 • Map It

lazy dog chocolate grass valley californiaLazy Dog Chocolateria
Lazy Dog Chocolateria is owned and operated by Bob and Debbie Peterson and is proud to produce and carry… read more.
–111 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA • 530-274-0774 • Map It

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