The Grass Valley Downtown Association is a non-profit corporation. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with events, and daily tasks  ensuring a safe, clean and vibrant downtown.

The GVDA  offers community service opportunities as a collaboration with the County of Nevada and the Supreme Court of California. If you would like to sign up and complete your community service hours, give us a call. 530-272-8315

Some of the opportunities include:

Intersection Guides

Shift times: (vary by event)

Volunteer Duties: This is the #1 most important volunteer position of the event! Volunteers are stationed at intersections to make sure vendors are in the correct areas. Volunteers may assist with helping set up or taking down barricades at your intersection, answering vendors questions on the route, and redirecting neighborhood traffic to alternative open routes.

Information Station Volunteers

Shift times:(vary by event)

Volunteer Duties: Information Station Volunteers are the smiling helpful faces of the GVDA booth. Volunteers may assist with handing out  maps, brochures,, downtown guides, providing event information, answering questions, and helping with set up or take down.

Merchandise Tent Volunteers

Shift times: (vary by event)

Merchandise tent volunteers will be helping sell t-shirts and other items. Volunteers should be comfortable making change and handling money and interacting with people.