The Great Race Monday, June 24th, 2019 A Special Once In A Lifetime Event

The Great Race is coming to Grass Valley! June 24th!

Monday, June 24th 11:00am-4:00

Grass Valley will be a stop on The Great Race.

The Great race is a fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity.

Each year there is a different route, and this year we are a stop!

Come see classic cars as the racers stop and have lunch before racing to the next town!


The Great Race is a 2,500 mile timed, controlled speed, navigation, endurance rally for vintage cars. This is the 3rd year Habitat joins forces with veteran local Nevada County racers Bill and Carolyn Croker in their 1936 Packard as they race from Buffalo, NY to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Habitat’s team is racing to build homes, and challenges other Habitat supporters to make a pledge. (Update: Molly, their Packard, has recently experienced some serious engine trouble that cannot be repaired in time, so they will be driving Maxine, an orange 1938 Ford Coupe, in the 2018 race.)


See more about it at this link

More details to come!  Save the Date for Monday June 24th !


The entire race takes place between June 22 – June 3oth