Share the Love: 28 Days

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


This February, Grass Valley and Nevada City are encouraging folks to Share the Love over the next 28 days! Here are a few simple ways to show your community and the people in it some love.

A strong and healthy community is created by passionate people with a strong sense of a neighborhood pride who are dedicated to making their little corner of the world the very best it can be.

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28 Ways to Share the Love

1. Read a book to a young person in your life.

2. Shop local. Eat local.

3. Give “local love” by supporting local businesses on social media. Leave a positive note or review or share with your friends.

4. Show yourself compassion.

5. Send a physical card to a local nursing home to let folks know that someone is thinking of them.

6. Host a digital community meet up with your neighbors, friends, family or like-minded folks.

7. Support community organizations by either making a donation or volunteering if it’s possible.

8. Pay it forward – buy some groceries for a friend in need.

9. Cook a meal for a neighbor.

10. Send some digital love like a thoughtful text.

11. Have you called someone today to tell them you love them?

12. Pay it forward – buy the person behind you at the coffee shop a coffee.

13. Pick up trash in your neighborhood.

14. Help a neighbor or friend spruce up their yard or home.

15. Send a card to local front line workers thanking them for their work.

16. Ask someone how their day is going and really listen to them when they answer.

17. Donate bedding or food to a local animal shelter or better yet adopt a pet!

18. Plant a tree or flowers.

19. Give blood.

20. Welcome newcomers to the neighborhood with a pie, card or both!

21. Be polite – hold a door open, and use please and thank you.

22. Spread messages of hope and love to neighbors by using chalk art on your sidewalk.

23. Show your co-workers some love by writing an encouraging card or leaving something sweet on their desk.

24. Take flowers to someone as a surprise.

25. Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you recently.

26. Compliments are free, share the love to someone you admire and respect.

27. Donate food to a local shelter.

28. Wear a face covering.

Need some more ideas on how to celebrate love in Nevada County? Check out the Outside Inn’s blog here.