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Funds that were provided through the County of Nevada’s American Rescue Plan Act allocation for Community & Economic Resiliency give the Grass Valley Downtown Association the ability to employ a staff complement designed to serve the needs of Historic Downtown Grass Valley and assist our organization in building and regaining resiliency.

Mary Ann Boyer, Administrative and Membership Coordinator

Our staff depends on volunteers to make our program run efficiently.  We are always looking for new recruits to support our events, click below to get signed up in our volunteer database.

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If you are interested in serving as a Grass Valley Downtown Association director of the board we invite you to attend our board meetings and become acquainted with the Grass Valley Downtown Association’s Program of Work.

Application and job description: Board of Directors Application for Candidacy,  and see 10 duties of non-profit members. GVDA Bylaws

Contact GVDA about attending board or committee meetings at 530-272-8315

Contacts for our Board of Directors for 2023

  • Lillie Robertson,
  • Joy Porter, Incoming
  • Debbe Blakemore,
  • Alyssa Orellana,
  • Sue Amick, Board
  • Nicole Arbaugh, Board
  • Craig Hamilton, Board

Mayor Jan Arbuckle, Liaison Grass Valley City Council –
Council Member Haven Caravelli, Alternate Liaison ─

2023 GVDA Meeting Dates

Mandatory Requirements to serve on the GVDA Board of Directors updated and approved on August 2020 by the GVDA board:

  • It is a mandatory requirement that members of the Board of Directors be affiliated with businesses that hold all federal, state, county, and city licenses, permits, and approvals required for their operations.
  • Advisory statement: Service on the GVDA Board amounts to leadership in the local business community and requires directors to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest and to maintain cordial, professional relationships with our members, other stakeholders, and the governments with which we work closely – the City of Grass Valley and County of Nevada.

GVDA Bylaws Updated 05/25/2023


2022-2024 Strategic Plan

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2019 National Main Street Report

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2018 Main Street Report

We believe Main Streets are for everyone. At the core of our approach to revitalization is a commitment to creating places of shared prosperity, equal access to opportunity, and inclusive engagement.

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