The Grass Valley Downtown Association is a non-profit corporation. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with events, and daily tasks  ensuring a safe, clean and vibrant downtown.

The GVDA  offers community service opportunities as a collaboration with the County of Nevada and the Supreme Court of California. If you would like to sign up and complete your community service hours, give us a call. 530-272-8315

Interested in volunteering?  We currently have all of our Volunteer Opportunities listed on the Connecting Point Website – Volunteer Hub.  Register there and we will be in touch!

-or- Fill out this form: VOLUNTEER FORM

July 2020 Policy update:

We stand behind County protocol.  Anything the GVDA is involved in, we follow and support the current mandates and protocol from the County for face coverings and social distancing.  This includes hosting an event or volunteering.  Any gathering of board members that is 2 or more represents the GVDA.  No exceptions: If volunteers cannot wear a face covering or maintain social distancing, they cannot volunteer.