Clocktower Records

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Foggy Mountain Music

Foggy Mountain Music served it’s first customer in 1975 in the current location of 104 West Main Street in Grass Valley California. The brainchild of owner Mary Ellen Sorci, Foggy is a full line music store selling everything from guitars, drums, keyboards….. to banjos, ukeleles, horns, harps, and many instruments you just do not find in the “big box” music stores. Take individual customer service with the selection of merchandise and you have the kind of music store one remembers as a home to creativity for the rest of their life. Foggy Mtn Music store is the prodigy of a long line of musicians. My mother Marilyn Doty Sorci was a child prodigy of San Francisco with the Violin. She studied with Michael Piastro and Hifits just to mention a few. My Dad Joseph Sorci played Woodwinds in San Francisco during the big band era and toured with Alex Storgal and Tommy Dorsey to mention a couple.

104 W Main St, Grass Valley, CA | (530) 273-6676 | Map It

The Drum Loft

My name is Beau Askew. Drumming and teaching has been a passion of mine for many years. I knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue a music career. I grew up in Grass Valley, California and have spent the last 10 years sharing my love for drums with my community. I have worked with over 100 students and performed with bands both locally and nationally. Whether it’s your first time playing the drums or already a passion of yours as well, I’d like to offer you a free lesson!

138 East Main Street (f), Grass Valley, CA 95945 |530-575-2328